Books (Author or contributor)

Giving Type Meaning: Context and Craft in Typography
Cinelli, M. (contribution from Alessandra, A.) (2024)  London: Bloomsbury Visual Arts.

Visual research : an introduction to research methods in graphic design (4th ed.)
Bestley, R., & McNeil, P. (2022). London: Bloomsbury.

Placoter, une écriture montréalaise
Alessandra, A., (2021). Montreal: Éditions TAO. 

Distant Connections: The Lockdown Lowdown - Graphic Narratives for Viral Times
Denis, G., Lawrence, V., Mitchell, Y., Zhu, H., Alessandra, A., et al.
(2021). London: Distant Connections.

Big letter hunt London: an architectual A to Z around the city
Alessandra, A. et Ferreira, R.N. (2016). London: Pavilion Books.

Touch Type: research on body and typography
Eunbi, J., Eunhee, K., Kim, J., Yejou, L., Yoojeong, L. et Liew, A.(contribution from Alessandra, A.). (2016). Séoul: Choi Jeongcheol.

The big letter hunt in the East End of London
Alessandra, A. et Ferreira, R.N. (2014). London: Tower Block Books.

The typographic universe: letterforms found in nature, the built world and human imagination
Heller, S. et Anderson, G.,(contribution from Alessandra, A.). (2014). New York, NY : Thames & Hudson Inc.

Type Object
Brownie, B.,(contribution from Alessandra, A.). (2014). Hong Kong : Artpower.

Left to Right: The Cultural Shift from Words to Pictures
Crow, D. et Bestley, R.,(contribution from Alessandra, A.). (2013). Lausanne: Ava Publishing.

How to use type
Marshall, L. et Meachem, L.,(contribution from Alessandra, A.). (2012). London: Laurence King Publishing.

Stop, Think, Go, Do: How Typography and Graphic Design Influence Behaviour
Heller, S. et Ilic, M.,(contribution from Alessandra, A.). (2012). Beverly, MA: Rockport Publishers.

Typoholic: Material Types in Design
Viction Workshop (contribution from Alessandra, A.). (2012). Hong Kong: Dictionary.

Dr Adamson, G., Khanchandani, P. (with a contribution of Alessandra, A.). (2012) London: Word Art Collective.

Handmade type workshop: techniques for creating original characters and digital fonts
Rivers, C.,(contribution from Alessandra, A.). (2011). London: Thames & Hudson.

The 3D type book
Jacquillat, A. et Vollauschek, T.,(contribution from Alessandra, A.). (2011). London: Laurence King Publishing.

Type player 2
Collectif (contribution from Alessandra, A.). (2011). Berkeley: Gingko Press.

3D typography
Abbink, J. et Anderson, E.C.M.,(contribution from Alessandra, A.). (2010). New York, NY: Mark Batty Publisher. 

Alphabets: a miscellany of letters
Sacks, D.,(contribution from Alessandra, A.). (2010). London: Black Dog Publishing.

Never use more than two different typefaces: an 50 other ridiculous typography rules
Van Gaalen, A.,(contribution from Alessandra, A.). (2010). Amsterdam: BIS Publishers.

Packaging essentials: 100 design principles for creating packages
Roncarelli, S. et Ellicott, C.,(contribution from Alessandra, A.). (2010). Beverly, MA: Rockport Publishers.

Playful type 2: ephemeral lettering & illustrative fonts
Klanten, R. et Middendorp, J.,(contribution from Alessandra, A.). (2010). Berlin: Gestalten.

Homomorphic Converters. 
La Farge, T.,(contribution from Alessandra, A.). (2009). Notes: collection "Writhing Machines". NY.

Articles and Interviews (selected)

L’IA, cet ogre qui promet d’avaler la publicité. Nadeau, Jean-François (2023) Le Devoir

Police d’écriture montréalaise : R comme dans "escalier". Lachapelle, Judith (2022) La Presse.

Écran Total Doyon, J., Ciel Variable, (Fall 2021).

L’Alfabeto in 3D Alessandra, A. (2018). Elle Decor Italia, (November).

Tower Block Books Ridley, A.(author) et Alessandra, A.(artist). (2017). LookBookReport, (September 20).

Forget Pokemon: Search The City For Letter Brown, M.(author) et Alessandra, A.(artist). (2016). The Londonist.

Discover the Typography of Your City with The Big Letter Hunt Tucker, E.(interviewer) et Alessandra, A.(interviewee). (2014). AIGA Eye on Design, (December 31st).

The Big Letter Hunt Gosling, E.(author) et Alessandra, A.(artist). (2014). Design Week, (July 29).

Two Thousand and Twelve Alessandra, A.(contributrice). (2013). Wired, UK Edition.(December).
Notes: illustration photo-typographique

Experimental Projects: Amandine Alessandra, Booksetting Alessandra, A.(artist). (2011). Slanted, (15), 59.

Pausing for Amandine Alessandra Yau, C.(interviewer) et Alessandra, A.(interviewee). (2011). Print Magazine, (December 16).

Podcasts and Radio (selected)

Solastagies créatrices : entrevue avec Amandine Alessandra et Célia Forget
Radio Canada, Gaspésie et les Îles de la Madeleine (May 2023) Link to the broadcast.

Solastalgies créatrices  :  la transformation des territoires vue par les arts
Radio Canada Moncton (May 2023) Link to the broadcast.

Entre dépaysement et énergie créatrice : une équipe de chercheures s’intéresse à la réalité des insulaires
CFIM. (May 2023) Link to the broadcast.

Le campus des liens in partnership with Centre Pompidou 
A conversation (in French) between Amandine Alessandra (École de design) and Anne de Vernal (Département des Sciences de la Terre et de l’atmosphère), Radio, broadcasted on the 8th of February 2022

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