This multimedia typographic performance involving the public took place at the Victoria & Albert Museum in 2014 and in 2015, amongst Raphael’​​​​​​​s cartoons. One Word At At Time explores the liminal space of interaction happening in the constant back and forth between virtual and physical spaces.

This collective process is based on a classic improv theatre exercise: in a circle, a story is started, with each person in turn adding one word. Following similar rules, visitors are encouraged to gather as small groups and pose together as the different letters of a word of their choice, with the help of bright blue sleeves in front of a black background. Each word pursues an on-going story told to and by the public, one word at a time, as I take a picture of each contribution with a phone and feed it live to a twitter flux with the keyword #1wordatatime, where people can access it and follow the story.

A bespoke piece of software developed by Jérôme Rigaud instantly feeds the images/words bookmarked by this keyword onto a webpage. The narration collaged on the screen is projected live in the same room, for visitors to follow the story and decide on a word as a contribution to it.
Screenshots of the webpage and of the Twitter feed were the story appeared live, one word at a time, as the collective performance was taking place at the V&A. The unravelling story was broadcasted live on a screen in the room.
Concept, production : Amandine Alessandra 
Production assistant : Hasan Gözlügöl
PHP / Javascript programming : Jérôme Rigaud 
Commission : The Victoria & Albert Museum, London
Performance, typography, programming
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